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Having a professional license is crucial to your livelihood as an accountant. If you lose your accounting license, your practice, reputation, and future could be in jeopardy. At Patituce & Associates, we understand the intricacies and complexities involved in accounting license defense. Whatever the issue, our seasoned Cincinnati accounting license defense lawyers can help defend you.

The issue of professional licensure is sensitive to The Accountancy Board of Ohio. That is why the board is serious about enforcing the rules and regulations associated with accountancy licensure. At Patituce & Associates, we are ready to help you negotiate and resolve any complaints made against you.

Our professional license defense attorneys in Cincinnati will do whatever they can to avoid the suspension and revocation of your accounting license. We’ll advise you on the best course of action and choice of words in responding to the state licensing board.

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How Are Accounting License Complaints Filed in Ohio?

People laying complaints against firms or individuals licensed by the Accountancy Board of Ohio are required to submit the complaints in writing. Complainants must also include details that prove the allegations along with any documents that support the complaint.

Once the board receives the complaint, they will need to determine if the firm or individual is within their jurisdiction before anything. Before deciding whether to discipline the holder of the license, the accountancy board might consider looking into results derived from criminal or civil cases.

The Ohio Accountancy board will outline the investigation process, and punishment within its Enforcement and Disciplinary Policy Manual if it has jurisdiction.

Before commencing the investigation for complaints, you will get a visit from an investigator or a letter from the board. The board will decide whether to initiate or take disciplinary action after thoroughly evaluating the information gathered from the investigation process.

How Are Accounting License Complaints Handled?

When your professional capabilities or practices as an accountant come into question, the Accountancy Board of Ohio will start investigating you. Co-workers, customers, and even competitors may bring complaints against accountants.

Once someone brings a complaint against an accountant or accounting firm, the accountancy board will contact you to inform you of an ongoing investigation. The case will be closed if investigations don’t find sufficient evidence. However, if the investigator determines that the complaint against you holds merit, you will have to appear before Ohio’s licensing board for a hearing.

These types of cases require a robust and aggressive defense due to the severity of the punishments. This is why you should seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney from the very beginning to reduce the chances of your accounting license being suspended or revoked.

The Cincinnati accounting license defense attorneys at Patituce & Associates are proficient in the complexities associated with license defense law.

At Patituce & Associates, we’ll work closely with you to understand your circumstances and then come up with a solution tailored to your requirements and geared towards securing the best outcome possible. You do have the right to appeal if the state licensing board makes a ruling against him at an administrative hearing.

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What Are Common Allegations of Accounting Misconduct?

Cases involving accounting license defense may include elements like:

  • Failure to disclose the licensing status of an individual who deals with financial statements
  • Alcohol or drug abuse
  • Purposefully falsifying records and documents relating to your accounting practice
  • Fraudulently charging fees or helping with the collection of fraudulent fees
  • Criminal conviction
  • Hiring or maintaining professional relations with someone that has their accounting license revoked or suspended
  • Promoting unsupported claims through false, deceptive, or misleading advertising or solicitation
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Practicing accountancy without renewing your license
  • The unlicensed practice of accountancy, including the misuse of the CPA title
  • Failure to stay in accordance with professional standards
  • Failure to comply with requests for information or documents or refusing to cooperate with investigators from the state’s board
  • Conduct that suggests a lack of competence in carrying out certain accounting services

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