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If you’re facing child abuse or neglect accusations, our experienced Cincinnati child abuse lawyers at Patituce & Associates will fight to defend your rights and freedom.

Child abuse allegations are some of the most emotionally-charged cases in Cincinnati, OH courts. Since the alleged victim is a minor, the state tends to act more aggressively in trying to protect the child as well as punishing the perpetrator to the full extent of the law.

Allegations of child abuse are often an outside misunderstanding of the actual situation. An unsuspecting parent can find himself or herself accused of child abuse when he/she was simply punishing the child within his/her rights as a parent.

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What Are Child Abuse and Endangerment?

Child abuse is broadly defined as the physical, sexual, or emotional abuse of minors and is considered a serious crime in the state of Ohio. The applicable definitions of child abuse can be found in 2 separate sections of the Ohio Revised Code.

An abused child is defined in the Ohio Revised Code §2151.031 as any child that’s the victim of sexual activity, is endangered, suffers physical or mental injury that harms their welfare, or exhibits evidence of intentionally inflicted physical or mental injury.

The Ohio Revised Code §2919.22 defines the term child endangerment, by indicating that no parent or guardian of a child below the age of 18 should create a substantial risk to the child’s safety or health by violating his/her duty of care, support, and protection.

What Is the Role of a CPS Caseworker?

A child protective services (CPS) caseworker investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect. They usually work with law enforcement officers during the course of their investigations. The job generally requires the ability to:

  • Review the reports of alleged child abuse, neglect, or endangerment.
  • Investigate the case by interviewing key people including children, parents, medical providers, etc.
  • Collect documentary evidence such as arrest records, medical reports, and court filings.
  • Plan and coordinate services to help both children and their families.

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What Are Some Common Accusations that Can Lead to a CPS Investigation?

A CPS investigation can arise from a variety of allegations. Child abuse, endangerment, and neglect are some of the most common allegations that can lead to an investigation. Specifically, you can find yourself facing a CPS investigation if you:

  • Abuse a child either physically, sexually, or mentally.
  • Torture or cruelly abuse a child.
  • Use corporal punishment or physical restraints, if the restraint or punishment is not only excessive but also creates a substantial risk of serious physical harm.
  • Repeatedly administer unwarranted discipline if there’s a substantial risk of the discipline seriously impairing the mental health and development of the child.
  • Allow a child to be within the vicinity of a place where drugs are manufactured if you know that drug crimes are occurring.
  • Coerce, entice, permit, or otherwise allow a child to participate in sexually-oriented, obscene, or nudity-oriented performance or material (child porn).
  • Operate a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs with a child in the vehicle.

What Can I Do if I Am Being Investigated By the CPS?

If you are being investigated by the CPS for abusing, neglecting, or endangering your child, CPS may have the authority to remove the child from your custody. Even if the accusations turn out to be exaggerated or false, the CPS will open an investigation that could put a lot of stress on your family.

If the CPS is investigating you, it is important that you hire our Cincinnati child abuse lawyers at Patituce & Associates immediately. Defending yourself against these allegations and clearing your name is the most important step you can take to get your family life in order.

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