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Drug cultivation or manufacturing involves creating or growing illegal drugs for the purposes of selling, distributing, or trafficking them. If you’re charged with making drugs or growing marijuana, you need an experienced Cincinnati drug cultivation and manufacturing lawyer to defend you.

An experienced lawyer can get your charges dismissed or reduced, minimize the penalties you could be facing, and help make sure you keep your license. At Patituce & Associates, we work to ensure we get the best possible outcome for each of our clients.

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How Does Ohio Law Define Drug Manufacturing?

Under Ohio law, you can be arrested for the illegal cultivation or manufacture of drugs if you’re found to be knowingly involved in the production or manufacture of a controlled substance. This includes creating drugs such as cocaine, heroin, methamphetamines, and ecstasy as well as growing marijuana.

Whether you are simply found holding onto unprocessed prescription drugs, purchasing ingredients, or were actually involved in the chemical process of developing a controlled substance, you could be charged with drug manufacturing.

This is usually true whether you were making the drugs in a private home or an unlicensed lab, and whether or not you participated in the drug manufacturing process in the building where the final product was developed.

Unless you’re a licensed physician, pharmacist, or similar healthcare professional authorized to prescribe, manufacture, or sell medications, you could face manufacturing charges if you’re making substances that would be illegal without a valid prescription.

If you knowingly assemble one or more chemicals required in creating a Schedule I or Schedule II controlled substance, you could be charged with the illegal assembly of chemicals for manufacturing drugs.

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Penalties for Drug Manufacturing or Cultivation in Ohio

The following are the sentencing guidelines based on drug schedules.

Schedule I and Schedule II

Manufacturing Schedule I and Schedule II drugs like morphine, ecstasy, cocaine, peyote, amphetamines, and heroin is a second-degree felony with a sentence of 2 to 8 years in prison and fines not exceeding $15,000.

Schedule III, Schedule IV, and Schedule V

Manufacturing drugs like Valium, Codeine, and Vicodin is a third-degree felony with a sentence of nine months to 5 years in prison and fines not exceeding $10,000.

Alongside these sentences, you could face serious collateral consequences, including having a permanent criminal record, which makes getting a new job or housing difficult for the rest of your life.

Can I Face Federal Drug Manufacturing Charges?

Yes. You can face federal drug charges instead of or in addition to the Ohio state charges for manufacturing illegal drugs.

Penalties for drug manufacturing and cultivation under federal law can be a lot harsher than the Ohio state punishments, including much longer prison sentences, hefty fines, prison sentences without parole, and seizure of a person’s home or other assets.

What Are Defenses Against Drug Manufacturing Charges?

With the help of an experienced Cincinnati drug cultivation and manufacturing lawyer, you can build a strong defense to fight the charges and maintain a clean criminal record.

The following are some of the common defenses to charges related to controlled substance manufacturing.

  • The drugs were being manufactured by an authorized person.
  • Law enforcement officers conducted an illegal seizure or search, or no exigent circumstances existed.
  • The warrant for search or seizure came from information provided by an unreliable informant.
  • Law enforcement officials trespassed into your property without a warrant.
  • The substance in question wasn’t a controlled substance.
  • You were not read for your Miranda rights.
  • The lab results and analysis of the substance weren’t done correctly.

How Can a Cincinnati Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing Lawyer Help You?

When you get an experienced drug manufacturing attorney from Patituce & Associates in Cincinnati, OH, you can rely on us to stand by your side throughout the entire legal process. Our team will provide you with professional legal counsel to help you avoid conviction or secure a lesser sentence.

We will also collect the necessary evidence and file the needed paperwork on your behalf. We are prepared to get you the best outcome possible, no matter what it takes.

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If you are charged with drug manufacturing or cultivation, it’s important to get a Cincinnati criminal defense lawyer involved as early on in the case as possible. At Patituce & Associates, we understand the severity of your situation. We can take action to protect your rights.

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