DUI Defense Strategies in Cincinnati

A DUI/OVI is considered a serious offense in Ohio, associated with harsh penalties. If you are facing OVI/DUI charges, the situation can be stressful and you’re likely worried about not being able to drive to and from work or school, losing your license, or even preventing a criminal conviction from being on your record. Fortunately, you don’t need to deal with the situation alone.

Our team of dedicated Cincinnati DUI defense lawyers at Patituce & Associates can help. We can develop DUI defense strategies that will ensure that your rights are always protected throughout the DUI court process.

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Should You and Can You Fight a DUI Charge?

Yes. It is generally advisable and worth your while to fight a DUI charge. While there’s some truth to the notion that accepting a traffic violation charge and paying the fine is better since you will spend more time and money fighting the charge than you would paying it, this argument doesn’t apply to DUI charges.

Unlike other traffic violations such as improper passing and speeding that generally carry fines and sometimes points on your driver’s license, a DUI can strip you of your driver’s license, leave you with high fees and fines to pay, and can even land you in jail. Furthermore, it stays on your record permanently.

What DUI Defense Strategies Can Be Used?

If you have been charged with a DUI in Cincinnati, OH, you might assume that there isn’t actually much to do to defend yourself, especially if you have failed a breathalyzer test. However, nothing could be further from the truth. If you hire a lawyer, they can protect your rights under the law and help you fight the charges.

Our experienced Cincinnati DUI defense lawyers can use any of the following defenses:

  • Failure to properly calibrate or maintain the breathalyzer machine
  • Challenges to the way the testing was administered
  • You were coerced into taking the test or making statements
  • Lack of probable cause for field sobriety testing or chemical testing
  • Lack of probable cause for the traffic stop
  • Failure to perform the chemical test within the required time frame
  • Chain of custody issues with the chemical sample
  • Lack of evidence.

Cincinnati law enforcement officials have an obligation to follow the law just like everyone else. If the arresting officer or someone at the police station made a mistake, your test results may be rendered invalid.

Should an Attorney Examine the Breathalyzer Machines?


If you can show that the device in question provided erroneous readings consistently or that law enforcement officials failed to follow proper calibration procedures, then the results of the breathalyzer will probably be declared as being inadmissible by the court.

A skilled DUI defense attorney such as those at Patituce & Associate in Cincinnati, OH, can subpoena the maintenance and calibration records of the breathalyzer on which you were tested, possibly using them as proof the equipment wasn’t properly tuned to deliver entirely reliable test results.

How Can Patituce & Associates Help With a DUI Charge?

Hiring the experienced Cincinnati DUI defense lawyers at Patituce & Associates gives you the best chance at avoiding the harsh penalties associated with a DUI conviction in Ohio. If you were arrested, call our law firm at 513-657-2440 to discuss possible defense strategies.

When you hire us to protect your rights, we will:

  • Gather the evidence to support your case
  • Analyze the circumstances and facts of your traffic stop and arrest
  • Protect your rights under the law
  • Negotiate to get the charges against you either downgraded or dropped
  • Represent you before a judge and jury if your case goes to court.

Facing DUI/OVI Charges in Cincinnati, OH? We Can Help!

Have you been recently arrested on DUI/OVI charges in Cincinnati, OH? The penalties if you are convicted include license suspension, steep financial fines, and possibly even jail time. Fortunately, our Cincinnati DUI defense lawyers at Patituce & Associates can help you avoid those negative consequences.

Call us today at 513-657-2440 to schedule your free consultation to discuss your options.

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