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Many think of domestic violence when they hear the term “family crimes.” However, the category extends far beyond that. There are numerous misdemeanors and felonies that fall into this category and it’s not uncommon for defendants to face multiple charges at once.

Emotions are always high during these cases and prosecutors tend to push for more severe punishments. You need the skilled help of a Cincinnati family crime lawyer to defend yourself.  If you’ve been charged with a family crime in Ohio, then Patituce & Associates is here to help.

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Common Examples of Family Crimes in Ohio

Many think of domestic violence when they hear the term “family crimes.” However, the category extends far beyond that. If you’ve been charged with a family crime in Cincinnati, then Patituce & Associates is here to help.


Bigamy is a crime that occurs when a person marries or attempts to marry another individual while still married to someone else. In these cases, the second marriage is considered illegitimate and the first spouse can use its existence as a reason for divorce. This is a first-degree misdemeanor in the state of Ohio and carries a maximum jail sentence of six months.

Unlawful Abortion

Several factors in Ohio statute limit the legality of abortion. The most important factor to consider is the consent of the pregnant woman. Any abortion carried out without the consent of the pregnant woman is unlawful. Similarly, it is unlawful to carry out an abortion after the point when a fetal heartbeat is present. Unlawful abortion is classified as a first-degree misdemeanor.

Abortion Manslaughter

This is a far more serious crime that occurs when a person takes the life of any newly born child who was also the product of a failed abortion. If the child is born alive, then it is unlawful to proceed with taking his or her life. Abortion manslaughter is a first-degree felony and carries a very hefty prison sentence.

Abortion Trafficking

When a person experiments upon or sells the product of an abortion it is classified as abortion trafficking and is a first-degree misdemeanor. A medical autopsy performed by a licensed medical professional is not considered an experiment in this regard. This crime is typically charged against doctors who sell fetal tissue.

Partial Birth Feticide

Abortions or attempted abortions that take place during later trimesters are classified as separate and more serious crimes than unlawful abortion. If it occurs during the second trimester then it is usually classified as a partial-birth feticide. This is a second-degree felony that carries up to two years in prison.

Terminating a Human Pregnancy After Viability

Viability is a major component of Ohio’s abortion laws. Attempting to terminate a pregnancy after viability is established is a crime that can range from a misdemeanor to a felony depending on the method of abortion. The abortion of a fetus past the stage of viability is only allowed if the abortion will prevent the death of the pregnant woman.

Child Abuse/Endangerment

Child abuse or endangerment charges are perhaps some of the most common family crimes we encounter at Patituce & Associates. Every parent is required to protect their children from unreasonable levels of danger. It’s not uncommon for these charges to be rooted in misunderstandings or malicious feelings.

Child Abuse Law Book, Cincinnati Family Crime Lawyer Concept

Parental Education Neglect

All parents in Ohio also have a legal obligation to provide their children with a proper source of education. This can come from a public or private school, special education programs, or homeschooling programs. All children between the ages of 6 and 18 are legally required to attend one of these programs.

Misrepresentation Concerning the Provision of Child Care

If a childcare provider, guardian, or organization providing child care misrepresents the type or degree of care they are providing, then they can be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor. These laws are typically used to protect parents and children from childcare service providers who fail to perform their jobs properly.

Interference With Custody

When a person coaxes, entices, or physically takes a child away from a legal guardian without having custody rights they may be charged with interference with custody. In many cases, it is charged against defendants who fail to return a child to their legal guardian after a scheduled visit.

Interfering With Action to Issue or Modify Support Order

The amount of child support one parent pays to the other may be modified by the courts. This often happens when one parent finds a new source of employment. Attempting to interfere with the order to modify child support is considered a serious crime in Ohio.

Contributing to Unruliness of Delinquency of a Child

A parent or legal guardian can receive family crime charges when their child is arrested for a crime. Any caregiver who contributes to that child’s unruliness is considered a part of the problem. Unfortunately, the verbiage and application of this statute are very broad and can cause a lot of confusion in the family and the court.

Motion for and Hearing on Protection Order

A judge may issue a protection order to a victim to protect them from a violent partner or family member. These orders can harm many areas of your life when they prevent you from accessing areas where you need to be. You can make a motion to dispute these orders with the help of a Cincinnati family crime lawyer.

Violating a Protection Order

If you do receive a protection order and are unable to appeal the decision, then you must abide by the restrictions. It is considered a very serious crime in Cincinnati to ignore the orders of a protection order and it could result in a jail sentence of up to 6 months.

It’s important to note that protection orders must be followed even if they were not originally issued in Ohio. You must abide by any protection orders issued by a court in any other state. Otherwise, you can face the same misdemeanor charges associated with violating a protection order issued in Ohio.

How a Cincinnati Family Crime Lawyer Can Help

Having an experienced lawyer on your side is always a smart idea no matter what crime you’ve been charged with. Family crimes tend to carry a lot of emotional weight and malicious accusations are not uncommon.

Our legal team can help gather the necessary evidence to support your defense and ensure that the judge and jury understand the truth of the situation.

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