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Have you been charged with a federal crime in Cincinnati, Ohio? If so, your future could be in jeopardy. You may face severe penalties, including a lengthy prison sentence if found guilty. A criminal record can also harm your profession and your reputation in the community. You will be up against a well-trained highly-experienced governmental legal force.

A criminal lawyer with little experience may send you to prison for a long time if things aren’t handled properly. You should therefore seek the assistance of a skilled Cincinnati federal crimes lawyer at Patituce & Associates since there is so much at stake.

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What Is a Federal Crime?

A federal crime is any crime that violates federal law, occurs in a territory under federal authority, and is tried per federal law. Although many federal crimes are also state crimes, they are often charged as federal crimes because of the location of the offense or because it involved some interstate travel.

The US Department of Justice sometimes chooses where to bring a criminal case. Three federal courts in Ohio handle the prosecution of federal offenses. They include the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, the US District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, and the US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio.

How Is a Federal Crime Different Than a State or Local Crime?

In Ohio, state crimes may be heinous acts like rape and murder. Local law enforcement officers often investigate alleged infractions of Ohio state legislation. A state district attorney handles these charges in a county municipal court after an arrest.

Consequently, different laws and procedures apply to federal offenses. The FBI, the DEA, or another federal law enforcement agency typically investigates them. A federal prosecutor presents the case to a federal district court after apprehending the suspect.

Federal Crime Cases We Handle

You can face federal criminal charges for several reasons. Our Cincinnati criminal defense attorneys handle a wide range of federal cases, including:

White-Collar Offenses

Due to our extensive federal court experience, we can effectively represent you in fraud, money laundering, insider trading, tax evasion, and other white-collar crime cases.

Federal Sex Crimes

You may face public humiliation and harsh legal penalties if convicted of a sex crime in federal court. Many federal sex crime charges involve internet sex crimes and child pornography. Our lawyers have the skills and expertise to build a solid case to defend you.

Federal Drug Crimes

Drug charges are typically brought at a state level in Ohio. However, you could face federal drug charges, especially if you’re accused of trafficking drugs across state lines. Federal drug cases are also often connected to conspiracy charges and weapons charges.


You should seek our legal assistance if you have been accused of first- or second-degree murder in Cincinnati, Ohio. We can assist you regardless of the murder charge you are facing.

What to Expect in a Federal Crime Case

A federal criminal case follows a typical course after charges have been filed. Here is what you can expect during the entire proceeding.

Grand Jury

Your first court appearance is the first stage of the criminal justice procedure. The judge will inform you that you have the right to remain silent and seek legal counsel when you appear in court for the first time. The court will reveal the accusation against you and set bail.

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Plea Bargains

You can settle the case with the prosecution instead of a trial. In a plea agreement, you admit guilt to the alleged offense in exchange for the prosecution offering a lesser punishment or dropping the charges against you.


As your legal representative, our Cincinnati federal crimes lawyer will submit several motions, such as requests to prevent the presentation of evidence before the trial. These motions are crucial for the success of your case as they can partially or entirely suppress the government’s evidence, which can reduce or eliminate your charges.

Federal Trial

We will present evidence that refutes the government’s claims during a federal trial. The prosecution must establish beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed every element of the offense. Our federal crimes attorneys will fight aggressively on your behalf.

Post Trial

A sentencing hearing is the last phase in the criminal justice process, regardless of whether you accept a plea bargain or are convicted at trial. The judge decides your sentence at the sentencing hearing. The hearing may occur immediately after a trial or a guilty plea.

Federal Crime Penalties

When convicted in a federal court, expect to receive a stiffer sentence than if you were convicted in an Ohio State court. For instance, a federal kidnapping allegation carries a potential life sentence, especially if it results in a fatality. On the other hand, kidnapping is a first- or second-degree felony in Ohio, punishable by two to eleven years in jail.

How Our Cincinnati Federal Crimes Lawyers Can Help You

The repercussions of being found guilty of a federal crime might be severe. Here are some of the ways our Cincinnati federal criminal defense attorneys can assist you.

Protect Your Constitutional Rights

Our attorneys have a wealth of experience identifying constitutional rights violations because they have worked in the legal sector for a very long time. We will take immediate action if we observe a federal agent or prosecutor trying to overreach in your case. If necessary, we will additionally discuss the issue with the relevant judge.

Negotiate on Your Behalf

Patituce & Associates federal crimes attorneys have worked with federal prosecutors for many years. We discovered some of the most effective strategies for getting them to impose milder punishments on our clients. When you employ us, we’ll do everything possible to negotiate a favorable plea agreement on your behalf.

Represent You in Federal Court

Our attorneys have been defending clients in federal courts for a long time. We know how the procedure operates and will effectively present your case before the jury. The court will likely give you a fair and impartial hearing if our specialists are on your side.

Obtain a Positive Case Outcome

The federal criminal procedure may be frightening and bewildering to those who have never dealt with the federal criminal justice system. We will work hard to achieve the best result for your case since our federal crime lawyers in Cincinnati are familiar with the entire procedure, the judges, and the federal courts.

Retain the Best Legal Counsel in Cincinnati

Patituce & Associates is dedicated to providing individualized and experienced counsel to Cincinnati residents who have been charged with a federal crime. Our legal team has extensive criminal law knowledge and can assist clients accused of all types of crimes, including drug offenses, rape, murder, and tax evasion charges.

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