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Earning a nursing license requires a tremendous amount of work. Having your nursing license placed at risk can be a devastating experience. The Board of Nursing can suspend or revoke licenses for a number of reasons. If your license is in jeopardy and your career is on the line, then you need the help of an experienced Cincinnati nursing license defense lawyer.

The respected attorneys working here at Patituce & Associates specialize in professional license defense cases. Every case is unique and we always take a personalized approach to help our clients remain licensed. We have extensive experience with the Ohio Board of Nursing and how they handle the investigation and hearing processes.

When your future is on the line you can turn to the nursing license defense lawyers at Patituce & Associates. Call us today at 513-657-2440 to get the help you deserve.

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Cases Our Nursing License Defense Lawyers Have Experience With

Here are some of the common types of our nursing license defense attorneys can help with.

Drug Diversion Cases

Drug diversion is a common problem in the medical industry with very serious consequences. You could have your license suspended or permanently revoked depending on the circumstances. Drug diversion is commonly associated with stealing prescription medications with the intent to use, sell, or give to others.

DUI Charges

It’s not uncommon for the Ohio Board of Nursing to take action against nurses who have been charged with serious crimes. They often view a DUI charge as a serious crime and the potential disciplinary action can vary.

They may require that you submit to an alternative monitoring contract rather than fully revoke your license. You should still speak with a professional license defense lawyer before agreeing to punishments or alternative programs.

Failed Drug Test

A nurse who fails a drug test in Ohio may face a severe fine, license suspension, or even license revocation. Drug tests are commonly implemented after there has been some evidence of drug diversion, such as a discrepancy with narcotic counts. It will almost always result in the nurse being fired as well.

You can still fight back against these allegations with the help of an experienced lawyer. We have helped many nurses accused of drug crimes.

Criminal Conviction

Having a criminal record does not necessarily eliminate you from being able to receive an Ohio nursing license. However, being convicted of certain criminal charges during your career can result in your license being revoked.

Your best line of defense is to beat the criminal charges so that your license is never truly at risk. You’ll find both professional license defense lawyers and criminal defense lawyers at Patituce & Associates.

License Suspension

Suspensions are far more common and they may be included as a temporary part of the investigation and hearing. You may even receive a notice of automatic suspension from the Ohio Board of Nursing. This is an indicator that you are facing allegations and need to contact a nursing license defense lawyer.

Worried Nurse Who Needs a Cincinnati Nursing License Defense Lawyer

How Does the Ohio Board of Nursing Handle the Investigation & Hearing?

The Ohio Board of Nursing investigates any licensed nurse who is reported for breaking any of the laws & rules outlined in chapter 4723 of the Ohio Administrative Code. Here is how the investigation and discipline process works.


When the nursing board receives a complaint it is assigned to an investigator who begins by reviewing all of the evidence provided with the complaint. They will then contact the nurse to discuss the complaint.

If an investigator contacts you regarding a complaint, then you need to immediately contact an attorney. You are not obligated to provide an interview and you have the right to have an attorney with you. We advise you to exercise that right and contact an attorney.

Notice of Hearing

The evidence and details of the investigation are eventually reviewed by supervising members of the Ohio Board of Nursing. They will decide if the charge has enough evidence and severity to warrant disciplinary action. If so, then they will provide the nurse with a Notice of Opportunity for Hearing.

You may also receive an offer for a consent agreement. The lawyers at Patituce & Associates can help you through each step of this process.


If there is no consent agreement, then the next step is the hearing. The Ohio Board of Nurses will have an attorney to represent their case and provide evidence of the charges. You have the right to have your own legal counsel present to provide evidence counter to the claim.

All of the evidence provided by both sides is reviewed by the hearing Examiner who provides a report and a recommendation. However, the final decision for disciplinary action is up to the full Ohio Nursing Board.

What Other License Issues Can Patituce & Associates Help With?

Our nursing license attorneys can also help with the following issues.

Trouble Earning a Nursing License

We have helped hundreds of aspiring nurses achieve their goals despite certain obstacles. This includes nursing students with prior convictions on their records.

Reporting Convictions From a Different State

If you’ve failed to report a disciplinary action or conviction from another state to the nursing board, then it’s a good idea to call a nursing license defense lawyer. We can help you report convictions from another state in a way that may not result in additional disciplinary action.

Call Our Cincinnati Nursing License Defense Lawyers Today!

If you’ve worked hard to earn your nursing license, then you should be prepared to fight hard to protect it. You don’t have to agree immediately to monitoring programs, substance abuse programs, consent agreements, or license revocation. You have the right to discuss these options with an experienced attorney and you should.

When your future is on the line you can turn to the nursing license defense lawyers at Patituce & Associates. Call 513-657-2440 now for a free case evaluation.

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