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Have you or a loved one been charged with public indecency in Ohio? This can be a potentially serious charge that may lead to hefty fines, jail time, and other penalties following conviction. This is why it is important to speak to a Cincinnati public indecency lawyer as soon as possible.

You will need a solid case in front of the jury for public indecency charges. Fortunately, you can depend on the team at Patituce & Associates for the best legal services. Our lawyers have vast experience with sex crimes and will use their skills and resources to protect your rights.

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What Is Considered Public Indecency in Ohio?

In the state of Ohio, public indecency is defined as inappropriate exposure. It is a form of a sex crime that involves a person exposing themselves in public or engaging in lewd acts like sexual conduct or masturbating in public.

What Are the Penalties for Public Indecency in Ohio?

Public indecency can be charged anywhere from a 4th-degree misdemeanor to a 5th-degree felony as it’s graded based on an array of factors. The person’s intent is a primary factor in charges involving public indecency as well as the party likely to see the activity on display.

In some situations, a conviction can mean having to register as a sex offender.

There are other complications like the tendency of the authorities to treat some minor offenses such as public urination as public indecency. Here is a closer look at some forms of public indecency and the penalties you could face.

Recklessly Exposing Private Parts

In Ohio, this is considered a 4th-degree misdemeanor which attracts a maximum of 30 days in jail.

However, if this is the second public indecency conviction, the crime is considered a 3rd-degree misdemeanor which attracts a maximum of 60 days in jail. If the exposure was in a place where minors were present, the crime is classed as a 2nd-degree misdemeanor, meaning a maximum of 90 days in jail.

The more previous convictions an individual has, the higher the grading of the charge. If they have three past convictions, they will face a 1st-degree misdemeanor charge with a maximum of 180 days in jail.

If the exposure was viewed or viewable by minors, it’s considered a 5th-degree felony which attracts up to 12 months in jail.

Rear View of Man Urinating in a Park, Cincinnati Public Indecency Concept

Reckless Engagement in Public Sexual Conduct/Masturbation

Engaging in sexual conduct, masturbation, or acts that seem to be sexual conduct or masturbation in public is a 3rd-degree misdemeanor with a punishment of 60 days maximum in jail. If you have been convicted of public indecency before, the new crime is classed as a 2nd-degree misdemeanor, attracting a maximum of 90 days in jail.

If a child was likely to see the conduct, the individual is charged with a 1st-degree misdemeanor which leads to a maximum of 180 days in jail. At its highest level, it is considered a 5th-degree felony that attracts a punishment of between 6 to 12 months in jail.

Knowingly Exposing Yourself in Public

Exposing yourself knowingly in public with the aim to sexually satisfy yourself or lure a minor into sexual conduct is deemed as a 1st-degree misdemeanor which comes with a maximum of 180 days sentence. If there are past guilty pleas or convictions, however, it is charged as a 5th-degree felony.

How Can Patituce & Associates Help in a Public Indecency Case?

There are multiple factors that are put into consideration when it comes to a public indecency case that will have to be thoroughly investigated. For example, what was the intent behind the actions that led to a public indecency charge?

We have come across cases where clients were charged with public indecency due to public urination. While this is illegal in Ohio, it doesn’t necessarily show the intent of bringing sexual arousal to others. These are some of the issues our team will investigate and create a solid case to use in your defense.

Our Cincinnati criminal defense lawyers will fight to have the charges reduced or potentially dismissed entirely.

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Public indecency charges can have a significant impact on your life beyond the potential fines and jail time. It is advisable to seek legal representation as soon as possible. The team at Patituce & Associates is experienced in this field and will provide the legal services you require.

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