Theft Crime Lawyers in Cincinnati

If you have been charged with theft crime, you need someone on your side that knows the law and is experienced in defending such charges in court. The prosecution will try to have you sentenced with the maximum penalty, which is why having a Cincinnati theft crime attorney with the knowledge and skills necessary to defend you is so crucial at this time. Regardless of the situation, a criminal defense lawyer can ensure your side of the story is strategically presented in court when necessary and your rights protected.

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Facts Involved in Theft Crime Cases

No matter the circumstances, you are always better off with a practiced theft crime lawyer in Cincinnati. There are many factors that need to be investigated to determine where you stand, and our team knows exactly what to look for.

Facts that should be examined in every theft crime charge include:

  • The actual value of the supposedly stolen goods
  • Evidence that the victim did not consent to relinquishing the items
  • If the accused knowingly took goods rightfully belonging to someone else
  • If the accused unknowingly obtained goods that were stolen

Our firm is dedicated solely to defending individuals facing criminal charges. We put all our time and effort into creating a well-rounded, in-depth defense.

We Know How the Opposition Thinks

At Patituce & Associates, our attorneys have practiced as prosecutors in the past. We have built cases against people charged with criminal theft, and know the strategies and methods the prosecution uses to convince a jury. Consequently, we have solid tactics to defend our clients’ character. This is not the same experience you are likely to find in a public defender or even an average defense lawyer in the area.

Have an Experienced Professional on Your Side

The opposition will be coming down hard, citing the high fines and years of jail time you could be facing if found guilty. You need a knowledgeable attorney on your side who can give you a realistic idea of potential sentences and help you determine the best outcome possible. We have worked both sides of the court long enough to know what kind of situation you’re in.

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