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Our community has long valued veterinarians because they look after and maintain the health of animals. Giving out veterinary licenses and punishing dishonest veterinarians are the responsibilities of the Ohio Veterinary Licensing Board.

If there is a complaint against you, the board may decide to take action such as revoking or suspending your license, imposing conditions, or fining you. Our Cincinnati veterinary license defense lawyers have great expertise in defending and protecting veterinarians’ licenses in front of the Ohio Veterinary Board.

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What Are the Most Common Complaints Against Veterinarians?

The most common complaints against veterinarians brought before a board are typically related to professional misconduct or inadequate care. Some examples of these types of complaints include:

  • Malpractice (Neglect or abuse of animals): This may include allegations of failure to provide necessary medical treatment, failure to provide proper housing or care, or physical abuse of animals.
  • Unprofessional conduct: This may include allegations of unethical behavior, such as sexual misconduct or fraud.
  • Substance abuse: This may include allegations of drug abuse or addiction that impact the veterinarian’s ability to practice safely and effectively.
  • Inadequate record-keeping: This may include allegations of failing to maintain accurate records or to follow proper protocols for prescribing and administering medications.
  • Criminal activity: Criminal charges like DUI, drug possession, etc. can damage your reputation and prompt the board to reconsider your license status.
  • Incompetence or gross negligence: This may include allegations of failure to diagnose or treat medical conditions properly or of providing inadequate care.

If a complaint is brought against a veterinarian before a board, the board will typically investigate the allegations and determine whether disciplinary action is warranted. Potential penalties include reprimand, probation, or revocation of the veterinarian’s license.

What Should You Expect During the Administrative Review and Investigation Process?

If you are a veterinarian in Ohio and you are facing an administrative review and investigation, you can expect the following process.

Notice of Complaint & Response

You will typically receive a written notice outlining the allegations filed against you. You will be able to respond to the complaint and provide any relevant information or evidence in your defense.


The Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board will typically gather evidence and investigate the allegations. This may involve interviewing you, obtaining medical records or other documents, and speaking with other individuals involved in the case.


If the board determines that there is sufficient evidence to support the allegations, you may be required to attend a hearing. A hearing allows you to present your defense and for the board to consider all evidence in your case.


After considering all of the evidence, The Ohio Veterinarian Medical Licensing Board will decide whether or not the allegations against you are substantiated. If the allegations are substantiated, the board may take disciplinary action, such as reprimand, probation, or revocation of your license.

It is important to remember that you have the right to be represented by an attorney throughout this process, and it may be advisable to seek legal counsel to help you navigate the review and investigation process.

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What Types of Penalties Can a Veterinarian Face?

If a veterinarian is found to have engaged in professional misconduct or provided inadequate care following an administrative review in Ohio, they may face various penalties. These can include:

  • Reprimand: This is a formal warning from the board that may be issued if the veterinarian’s conduct does not warrant more severe disciplinary action.
  • Probation: This is a period of time during which the veterinarian is allowed to continue practicing but is subject to certain conditions, such as additional education or supervision.
  • Suspension of license: Your veterinarian’s license to practice is temporarily suspended, which means you are allowed to practice once the suspension is lifted.
  • Revocation of license: Your veterinarian’s license to practice is permanently revoked, which means you are not allowed to practice in Ohio.

The specific penalties you may face will depend on the nature and severity of the misconduct or inadequate care, your history, and other factors. The Ohio Veterinary Medical Licensing Board has the authority to impose disciplinary action against veterinarians found to have engaged in professional misconduct or provided inadequate care.

Why Should You Hire a Cincinnati Veterinary License Defense Lawyer?

Consider hiring a Cincinnati professional license defense lawyer if you are a veterinarian facing an investigation or disciplinary action. Here are some of the benefits of working with the defense lawyers at Patituce & Associates.

  • Expert legal guidance: Our defense lawyers are familiar with the legal issues specific to veterinarians and can provide valuable guidance and advice as you navigate the review or investigation process.
  • Representation at the hearing: If the matter goes to a hearing, our professional license defense attorneys can represent you and advocate on your behalf.
  • Assistance with consent agreements: We can help you negotiate a favorable resolution to the matter, such as a consent agreement with the licensing board.
  • Support through a complex process: An administrative review or investigation can be a stressful and emotional experience. We can provide support and guidance to help you through the process.

Overall, hiring a veterinary license defense lawyer in Cincinnati can help protect your professional reputation and career and provide valuable legal representation and support during an administrative review or investigation.

Patituce & Associates Can Defend Your Veterinary License

A separate set of rules apply to events that take place before the Veterinary Medical License Board than they do in court. The outcome of your case could rely on whether or not you have a lawyer who is familiar with this board’s procedures and has experience with cases similar to yours because of the nature of the problems before this board.

Patituce & Associates can help, thanks to our years of experience in administrative law, professional representation, and veterinary license difficulties. We will use our knowledge of the various procedures and policies to help you win your case.

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