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Here at Patutice & Associates, our Cincinnati violent crimes lawyers have over 30 years of combined experience and have aggressively fought to protect those accused of committing all types of serious crimes. We offer exceptional legal representation and will fight for the best possible outcome in your case.

A violent crime charge can cost you your freedom and ruin your career and reputation, not to forget the penalties and other serious consequences you will face. The punishment for violent crimes is severe, so you must immediately hire an attorney if you are accused of committing a violent crime.

Hiring a skilled Cincinnati criminal defense attorney is the best way to ensure your rights are upheld. Call us at 513-657-2440 and let us help you fight against your violent crime charges.

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What Types of Crimes Are Considered to Be Violent Crimes?

Violent crimes are crimes where the victim is threatened or harmed by violence. Violent crimes include:

What Are the Penalties for Violent Cries in Ohio?

Getting a violent crime charge lodged against you threatens your future, so you must take the charges seriously. The type of offense you commit will inform the severity of your penalty. The penalties for violent crimes in Ohio can include:

  • Mandatory minimum sentence
  • Fines
  • Restitution to victims
  • Death penalty (aggravated murder with special circumstances)
  • Loss of professional license
  • Restricted housing and financial opportunities
  • Anger management classes
  • Probation

What Should I Do If I Have Been Arrested for a Violent Crime?

You must hire a skilled violent crimes attorney if you are being accused of committing a violent crime. Working with skilled attorneys from Patituce & Associates is a huge advantage.

We will fight for you and not rest until your charges are reduced or dismissed. Hiring a skilled attorney is your chance to get a favorable outcome that will ensure your future is not threatened.

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Why Should I Hire a Violent Crime Defense Lawyer?

Hiring a violent crime defense lawyer ensures you protect yourself and your rights. Our experienced, dedicated, and understanding attorneys know the ins and outs of the legal process, have extensive experience working on similar cases and will help you avoid mistakes that can jeopardize your case.

Here is why you should hire a Cincinnati violent crime defense lawyer from Patituce & Associates.

Ensures Your Rights Are Protected

Our knowledgeable attorneys will fight to ensure your rights are protected and can quickly determine whether or not the arresting officers violated your constitutional rights. If your rights were violated during the arrest, we would work to ensure that evidence is deemed inadmissible in court.

Experience and Legal Knowledge to Protect Your Future

Criminal laws can be complicated, but we have a great understanding of the law and know how to counter the charges against you. We have years of experience working on similar cases, so we know what to do to get you the desired results.

With over 30 years of combined experience, you can be sure that we will fight for you and tailor the best strategies to help you. Our tenacious violent crime lawyers in Cincinnati will fight to protect you and your future. We can help get your penalties lessened, charges reduced, or the case dismissed.

Advise You on Possible Outcomes

An experienced violent crimes defense attorney will tell you the possible penalties you may face and the different possible outcomes of your case. Our attorneys will analyze your case and help you establish the best approach.

We will advise you on when it is best to take a plea bargain and when you should fight your violent crime charges in court.

Contact Skilled Cincinnati Violent Crimes Lawyers Today!

Getting convicted of a violent crime is detrimental to your future as it can result in you having a felony on your criminal record, jeopardizing your career, and having a generally negative impact on your life. Hiring a skilled criminal defense firm in Cincinnati is your best bet at beating the charges and protecting your future.

At Patituce & Associates, we have years of experience defending clients charged with violent crimes. We have over 30 years of combined experience and are committed to offering our clients the best legal representation. We aggressively fight against a system designed to convict you.

Call us at 513-657-2440 to schedule your free consultation today.

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