How A DUI Conviction in Cincinnati May Affect Your CDL

How A DUI Conviction in Cincinnati May Affect Your CDL

DUI convictions are bad enough for any driver. But the holder of a commercial driver’s license may be dealing with even more problems. Losing your CDL could put your career, and therefore your livelihood, in major jeopardy. That’s to say nothing of possible jail time, fines, court costs, and more. If you’re a CDL holder facing DUI charges, it’s important to understand the seriousness of these allegations. It starts with retaining an aggressive CDL DUI attorney in Cincinnati who is ready to advocate for your rights. Patituce & Associates is here to fight for you.

Why CDL DUIs are treated differently

Compared to other drivers, CDL holders are generally held to a higher level of public trust. That’s because the vehicles they operate are larger, heavier, and more dangerous than passenger vehicles. Commercial motor vehicles in Ohio include:

  • School buses

  • 18-wheelers

  • Construction vehicles (e.g. motorized cranes)

  • Hazardous waste vehicles

  • Cement trucks

  • Drilling rigs

These other large, heavy vehicles are responsible for transporting people, goods, and sometimes dangerous materials. An accident could put numerous lives at risk. CDL operators are therefore expected to operate with a high degree of regard for public safety. That implies a different set of rules than those that apply to a standard driver’s license.

As one example, CDL drivers cannot have any detectable alcohol in their systems when driving. A BAC of as little as 0.04% could result in a DUI conviction. The same is true for any traceable amount of a controlled substance. It is imperative that you contact a DUI attorney in Cincinnati if you’ve been charged with a CDL DUI.

What a conviction may mean for your CDL

If you are convicted of a CDL DUI in Cincinnati, you may be faced with jail time and a steep fine. But the bigger concern is likely going to be your license itself. Your CDL may be suspended for up to a year if you’re convicted of:

  • Driving with a BAC of 0.04%

  • Driving under the influence of any controlled substance

  • Refusing to submit to a blood, breath, or urine test

These offenses are far more serious when the vehicle in question is authorized to transport hazardous substances. You may have your CDL suspended for up to three years. Lifetime suspension becomes possible for a second conviction of any of the above. This is true even if you were not driving a commercial vehicle at the time of the offense.

DUI Conviction in Cincinnati May Affect Your CDL

How a Cincinnati DUI attorney will make a difference

If you’ve been charged with a CDL DUI, you have your choice of law firms. But few firms are as committed to DUI defense as Patituce & Associates. Over half of our practice is dedicated to defending clients charged with DUIs. From our attorneys to our paralegals, we are ready to build a formidable defense of your legal rights in court.

An attorney may be able to have your charges reduced or dismissed. If evidence was obtained illegally, that fact could aid your defense. We may also be able to raise issues concerning the reliability of the blood, breath, or urine test. If your rights to criminal due process were infringed upon, you may also be able to defeat the charge.

We’re Ready to Put Our Experience to Work For You

The bottom line is this: a DUI charge is not the same as a DUI conviction. And while a CDL DUI is potentially more significant, you have a right to a strong legal defense. Let Patituce & Associates go to work for you. Our experienced Cincinnati CDL DUI attorneys understand how to handle these serious charges. Call us today to schedule your confidential consultation.